Unique and Inspirational Photography

See through a different lens!


My Background

I've loved taking pictures since my Great Uncle George gave me my first Hasselblad camera when I was at college. I have been a professional photographer for thirty years, photographing different subjects, scenes, and moments all over the world when I lived in the USA and France. Ten years ago I moved back to the UK making Devon my home. The quiet country side and dramatic coastline inspire me, as my love affair with photography continues. There's a picture around every corner.

Photography as Communication

I use my camera to document precious and unique experiences for others. People often remark how they feel at ease in my company and in front of the camera. This maybe why my photographs show people so naturally, glowing and at their best. My innate sensitivity and confidence allows me to gently choreograph people harmoniously with their surroundings. I am able to catch that magic moment which is un-staged and spontaneous that might otherwise be left unseen.


I am passionate about creating memories that you cherish from your special day. I would love to hear from you.